04-09-12 01:47 AM
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    The consistent theme is that although they may be great apps on an Android, they do not work proper on a Playbook....NONE of them.

    Who can honestly say they haven't had to reboot their playbook because of an Android app freezing....nobody.
    Actually I use Android Apps daily. For example Legends of Yore - exclusively and every day. Not once has it given me the slightest hiccup.

    Pre-OS2 i have had problems but only with apps I sideloaded that did not come through AppWorld. Which, hey, they werent tested and confirmed workinf by the developer, so whos fault would that be?

    But I also play many sideloades Android TD games and BoxWorld (Minecraft clone) as well as Shoppers Paradise without issues. I do have some hiccups but those have been identified as being related directly to Untested Apps I converted and Sideloaded.

    Also, I can access the Android files on my system under Documents/Android.

    04-09-12 01:45 AM
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    in my playbook, NONE of the android apps in the app world run. i never try to sideload before 2.0, for me the fact that the playbook can run android apps is a lie!
    And the thousands of users posting on here with working Android apps are making it up as well?? Seriously, backup and go security wipe your PlayBook and never Sideload that Android player again. Thats what you get for installing unapproved software that was leaked (stolen) from a company when it wasnt ready for distribution .

    04-09-12 01:47 AM
52 123