1. mokeikoberry's Avatar
    Hi everyone. For those of you running the OS2.0 beta and Android applications. Are they running okay as if you are actually running them using an Android tablet or is there some lag. The reason I ask is that I see many youTube videos of people running OS2.0 beta but nobody shows any Android apps running besides Angry Birds and based on the video I've seen, it's running really slow. Can anyone post a video actually showing android apps running on the PlayBook? Thanks in advance.

    11-28-11 06:19 PM
  2. bartmia's Avatar
    No video to post but none of my Android apps seem to be running slow but it's only been 3 days on the beta. Using several including Pulse, NY Times, Touchdown, Huffington Post (somewhat of a problem at times-always was for me) BBC News, Kindle, Winamp Also Touchdown but have not used it much yet. Availability of Android apps is making me very happy so far.
    11-29-11 06:38 AM