1. niqbales's Avatar
    So looking at finally joining the masses and using a cloud service I think sugarsync fits my needs the best but I quickly discovered there is no playbook app for it. I noticed on sugarsync's site they have an app on the kindle fire already. I am starting to understand a little why apps have been so slow to come to the palybook...

    If I'm a developer and I know hope the playbook is gonna support android apps in february why would i develop an app on a whole new platform when I could wait a few months and adapt my android app? I think this poses some issues from a user perspective but find it hard to blame the developer, by the time they have a debugged product they will be able to use their android app...

    I hope this is not the end of serious apps being developed specifically for the playbook!
    12-13-11 02:16 PM
  2. tekki's Avatar
    thats a good question, i too am a bit concerned as to are android apps going to be written in a way that we utilize the better screen quality on the playbook and not have the dazzle that we could have with apps strictly written to take advantage of the playbook hardware. Anyway im really enjoying be able to surf the forums and web from my couch. its really nice not to have to look at my pbone
    12-13-11 02:25 PM
  3. Jean-luc_Picard's Avatar
    Do like me, log in to sugarsync and set up the magic briefcase as a bookmark on homescreen. Then it's pretty much an app, the only thing you don't have is automatic syncing.

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    12-13-11 04:06 PM
  4. ridesno159's Avatar
    This file browser will sync with Box.net and DropBox. The developer is around CrackBerry quite often, maybe they will come by and let you know about the potential addition of SugarSync. I'm a DropBox user, so I don't know the advantages of SugarSync over it.

    Buy Files and Folders - Download Files and Folders - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World

    This app is fantastic though! Probably the best 3 bucks I've spent on my PlayBook so far...
    12-13-11 04:38 PM
  5. niqbales's Avatar
    sugar sync isn't really my final point... I'm hoping apps get developed specifically for the playbook...
    12-13-11 10:43 PM
  6. BuzzStarField's Avatar
    sugar sync isn't really my final point... I'm hoping apps get developed specifically for the playbook...
    Not to worry. Android is just another way for developers to get apps on the playbook quickly and with a minimum of effort. In no way is Android Player putting a chill on native app development. Many new development tools were released not that long ago and more are going to be available soon. You will start to see a raft of new native apps becoming available in February. The long wait is necessary because they require OS2 capabilities.

    But while I don't think that Android apps are a major concern, I do believe that the real problem is lack of devices in users' hands. It is a fact that developers would like to make a bit of income from their hard work and this is just not possible given the size of current user-base. The recent sales have helped a lot in this regard and I have noticed a noticeable uptick in my sales. The availability of lots of Android (and native) apps in February will also attract a lot of PB buyers. Anyway, that's the scenario that I am hoping will come to pass.
    12-13-11 11:18 PM