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    I'm not a developer, but I have installed OS2 Beta just to have a look at it, and play around a bit. So far I'm finding it to be quite stable, with only one or two hiccups over the last two days. All my apps from OS1.07 seem to be working fine, and all my data is intact.

    So... how can I acquire a couple android apps to try out, just for fun (and in anticipation of what will become available to users once OS2 if finally released)?

    10-23-11 05:13 PM
  2. GlenB's Avatar
    10-23-11 05:37 PM
  3. fastartcee's Avatar
    This looks a bit daunting to a non-developer. I had been hoping that there was an android app site somewhat similar to App World, where you could download an app and it would install automatically.

    I followed the links and downloaded the 'IMDB' app file, but when I try to open it I just get an error message 'unable to find default app'.

    The android player is 'baked in', right? But I guess I have to use other android utilities to open the 'IMDB' file and create the counterpart of a Windows executable, right? Then that executable would run in the android player, right?

    I like learning things, but I don't want to risk doing something in ignorance that could end up bricking my PB! Any hand holding would be appreciated!
    10-23-11 07:09 PM