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    Majority of Playbook users are still hanging on to their tablets with the promise of OS2.0 coming out in February and Android App Player.

    A lot seem to be excited still about the Android App player, going to great lengths as finding ways to install the unofficial player on OS2.0 bearing PBs.

    So here is a simple question, and I don't mean to ask this to harm or troll or whatever, but it is in fact really an honest to goodness question.

    Why don't you guys just get an Android tablet? I've heard an argument that by sticking to the PB with an Android app player on it, you get the best of both worlds. I'll get back to this point in a bit.

    From what I heard though, the PB, when RIM finally decides to release OS2.0 (I'm sorry but I am still doubtful they'll deliver in February, but I hope for the rest of you here that I'm totally wrong) with Android App player, it'll still be limited. Not all apps will be compatible.

    So why don't you guys just move over to an Android device then? If the argument is you'd like to get the best of both worlds by sticking to the Playbook, here's my question and I truly am curious, and am not just asking to be mean- but what best of both worlds?

    I've been using a Galaxy SII for the past week and my Playbook is up for sale so that I can get a Galaxy Tab, and I have nothing but great experiences. As for Playbook, or QNX should I say, what is so good about it? Yeah hardware is good but the OS is just almost bare.

    By the time RIM releases OS2.0 in February, if they stick to what they say this time, all the other manufacturers would have already released something new. Again, RIM will still be playing catch up. Both Apple and Android devices would have done something different or new.

    Before I get flamed, the reason why I am asking is again, out of sheer curiosity, and second, at the back of my head maybe there is still one small merit to owning a Blackberry device that I just forgot about, and I needed some reminding about.

    Thanks in advance.

    I ask this question because in truth, my Playbook is still with me. I am having an extremely hard time selling it as no one wants it. In case I get stuck with this, there has to be a reason why I ended up with this.
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    i dont know why
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    well i've switched to android for my phone and am trying to sell my playbook, but im having a very hard time.

    to be fair the playbook does have impressive hardware specs, but then that's it. the qnx os is promising and multitasking feels natural, but what is there to multitask with barely any apps? not even basic PIM features?

    im starting to agree that there seems to be a strong sense of brand loyalty here, just like how apple and android fans are. however apple and android fans have good reason to be fans. and im being very objective. i have a macbook pro, samsung galaxy tab, ipod and iphone4. i used blackberries for years but my 9900 was my last.

    macs are efficient and simple computers. my samsung galaxy sii runs android, which i have nothing but praise for. my playbook, however. well, i only use it to play tetris.

    with phones that have inferior specs than the competition, phones with limited number of apps, an OS that has received little improvement, a tablet with no merits over the competition, and RIM consistently missing their own promised dates on things, and the competition continuing to come out with innovative products and apps, im actually quite impressed by the faith and loyalty of people here.

    i find it a bit sad though that the posts here all seem to revolve about things that havent happened- BBX, QNX, OS2.0, apps that are still being developed- vs iOS or android users who are ALREADY enjoying the present.

    its a rare kind of blind brand loyalty where the main rationale is "i choose this because it meets my needs", when there is so much more out there.
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