1. roamfreeskate's Avatar
    for those of us that are not able to root our playbooks as the update has arrived, i've been looking around for ways to get apps other than the ones we're stuck with from bb appworld, not just because most of them are crap or expensive but simply because the android market has plenty more games than the blackberry one. for the last day or so i've been looking at ways to get apps onto the playbook without the appstore and its common knowledge that you can push and install signed .bar files to the playbook fairly easily without rooting, what would be great is if people could set out on developing code or tools that for one would speed up the signing process as its hard to do for your average user and secondly if another appstore were to open with signed .bar files taken from the .apk files of the android app store that would greatly increase the amount of decent apps and probably make the playbook worth owning. (a website with all the android .apk apps but converted into signed .bar files)
    12-22-11 01:07 PM