1. gord888's Avatar
    Got bored, found a cool analog pad for the ipads that works with any capacitive screen. Players of MC2, NOVA2, DeadSpace etc, will want to take a look. i haven't ordered them, but they do look cool.

    Review here (not by me):

    Can buy here (knockoffs):
    Game Controller Analog Joypad Joystick for iPad/iPad 2 - Transparent + Gray - Free Shipping - DealExtreme

    There are also some neat "buttons":
    Touchscreen Game Controllers Joypad Joystick & Buttons for iPhone 4 - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
    12-29-11 01:56 AM
  2. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    Are you saying that they might work with the Playbook or did you post in the wrong forum? If you do buy one and it works with the Playbook, please bring the results back to the forums here!
    12-29-11 05:48 AM
  3. gord888's Avatar
    Designed for the ipad,but will work on and capacitive screen - including the playbook. There are a few videos of people using it on a samsung galaxy tab, ipad 1 and 2... Its the same tech as a capacitive stylus.

    Ordering mine today.. Will take a few weeks to get here though.
    12-29-11 11:20 AM
  4. yllus's Avatar
    How did this turn out? What I'd really like is a proper Bluetooth connected gamepad, but the Fling knock off at DealExtreme is an option.
    02-05-12 01:07 PM
  5. PedroBorgas's Avatar
    OP, what are your findings?


    I would like to order it, if its so cheap, but its not available :s
    08-18-12 06:24 AM
  6. maddspt's Avatar
    @Pedro Borgas: look at custojusto.PT just ordered a 2 pack for 8.5

    I Will give feedback as soon as i recieve them.
    08-18-12 07:49 AM
  7. maddspt's Avatar
    08-18-12 08:07 AM
  8. PedroBorgas's Avatar
    oh, nice


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    08-18-12 08:20 AM