1. llllBULLSEYE's Avatar
    After the latest update Amazon Prime has been working without
    a single problem for me.
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    05-25-12 04:52 PM
  2. robedney's Avatar
    I've read through some discussions complaining that Amazon Prime doesn't work on the PB for streaming video. Here's what I did last night:

    I live on a boat with no cable access. My internet access is via a Verizon broadband 4G modem, which works great but limits me to 5 gig monthly.

    I upgraded my phone yesterday to a Galaxy Nexus 4G. I would have waited for the new BB phone BUT Verizon is threatening to do away with my unlimited data plan on my phone contract. For the moment, I was able to carry over unlimited to my new phone, so I'm safe.

    So, I downloaded FoxFi from the Android market for my phone, which gave me instant 4G wifi hotspot capability without rooting. I connected to the Nexus with my PB and went to Amazon prime using the browser. Earlier in the day I had signed up for a one month free trial of Prime. I clicked on the new Mission Impossible movie and it started to stream. I messed a bit in the PB browser to get it full screen, then plugged the PB into my flat screen via an HDMI cable. Bingo. It was just a test, but I ended up watching the whole movie. Crisp video, excellent sound, no buffering.
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    05-25-12 05:30 PM