1. mundo472's Avatar
    The new versions of Alphawave appears to have been shrunk from 10mb to 4mb. What's the take on the new version? Much of the draw on the original was the beautiful graphics.
    07-26-12 07:05 AM
  2. HardlineStudios's Avatar
    Hi there, The demo is much smaller as we optimized the size of it. The full weighs in at about 10 MB.

    We employ a slew of techniques to compress assets and keep the game as small as possible but fear not, we aren't sacrificing anything on the beautiful graphics! In fact, we've got a new effects system in place with even MORE effects!!

    A lot of games out there don't use compression and so in turn you have a lot of games that are WAY WAY bigger than they should be!

    Also, a lot all of our visual assets are 3D meshes which compress really well!
    07-26-12 11:51 AM
  3. HardlineStudios's Avatar
    Ok, RIM got back to me and we zero'd in on the problem. I will make a new build and get it out there ASAP.

    Stay tuned!
    07-26-12 03:11 PM