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    I just wanted to give a salute to a highly useful tool when under pressure with a weary brain - all been there right?
    Don't miss the app "HDB converter" The only hex decimal/binary converter I have ever seen with which you can easily toggle individual bits - and get an instant translation in all digital formats.

    A large readable display refreshing for text weary eyes...save a lot of thinking and time - its only 8 bits, but easy to extrapolate....also with one touch you can increment/decrement the value, to check adders (incrementers) , counters, accumulators - saves a lot of headaches and stress...

    a big thanks to kdittylabs - kdittyklabs.blogspot.com

    and wtf? it's free? why? How do I support good developers when they insist on giving stuff away?
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    11-19-11 01:50 AM
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    Have had it for months. Nice app.
    11-19-11 09:31 AM