1. axllebeer's Avatar
    Has anyone here used this app? I was just using it not long ago, and it's like I'm talking with a computer which is what it's supposed to be in a sense. However, some of the reviews for it in App World are sort of concerning, and creepy. People claiming it's a real person on the other end and worse claims. Like someone is watching you through the camera on the PlayBook and such.

    I couldn't find anything about it here in the forums so hope this hasn't already been posted before.
    03-14-12 12:06 AM
  2. zethaaron's Avatar
    It's just a little artificial intelligence chatting app. A simple way to prove it's not a real person on the other end is to try using it offline, if you can, then it's definitely not. Also, it shouldn't be able to access the camera without your permission.
    03-14-12 12:24 AM
  3. playbookster's Avatar
    no you cant use it offline. She does say some funny stuff though
    03-14-12 12:38 AM