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    There is Alchemy Classic popular puzzle game now ported to Blackberry Playbook.

    The concept of the gameplay of Alchemy Cassic is incredibly simple. One should combine different elements thus obtaining new ones. For example, using tools the user can get yarn from lint. This simplicity is the very key to the absorbing and enthralling gameplay. This is because you have to think about possible interactions of the elements instead of throwing all of them in one heap, since many game processes directly resemble the processes of the real world. Combining elements you can reach for example paper plant and nuclear power plant from the simplest elements such as wood and metals.

    In the very beginning of the game you have only four initial elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. At every instant players can learn which new element they can discover at the next stage of development. Thus you have to use your logical thinking to select elements that are necessary to discover a new one, since the number of elements increases with every stage. Elements are evolving from the simple to the complex.From the simplest bacteria to mammals and from tools to high-tech factories.

    You can try it in App World searching for Alchemy Classic title.

    Browser Link BlackBerry World - Alchemy Classic Premium

    Hope you will enjoy it!
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    03-07-13 04:22 AM
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    03-07-13 03:01 PM
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    This game is similar to Doodle God, nice game.
    03-07-13 07:16 PM

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