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    Set in a whimsical atmosphere full of challenging puzzles,enjoy the new point n click puzzle adventure from Playtinum:
    Adventures of Valentin - The Valiant Viking

    Princess Estelle has been abducted by the Evil Wizard!!!
    Valentin, a puny little Viking sets off on the quest to rescue her.
    An utter disappointment at wielding any sort of weapon, Valentin should rely on his brains rather than brawn to succeed in this task.
    Experience a fantastic point and click adventure with Valentin as he explores through amazing locations in the Wizards castle.
    Collect various useful items and solve perplexing puzzles. You will also have to overcome the nasty guards to advance.
    If you are stuck, just tap on Valentin to get hints and cryptic clues.

    Valentins mission is to revive his pride and prove to his clan that he is a great warrior. Enjoy this journey with him wherein he became - Valentin, The Valiant Viking!

    Game Trailer:

    Have FUN !!!

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    05-31-12 05:57 AM
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    Looks fun - thanks developer!
    05-31-12 06:44 AM