1. narci's Avatar
    For those of you with appworld 3.0 from the blackberry betazone, you can now "delete" the uninstalled apps in the uninstalled apps list in appworld.

    If you open appworld on your BB, goto 'my world' and select 'uninstalled'. This will give you a list of apps you uninstalled on your BB and PB. Scroll over to a app you uninstalled off your PB, hit the menu button and select 'ignore'. This will remove the item from showing up on your PB and BB.

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    08-05-11 07:25 PM
  2. Lumute's Avatar
    OMG, I this was soo needed! I have tons of crap in My World as I like to download all free and trial apps... Great!!! they just need to release this App World to everyone...

    BTW, is this App Wolrd 3.0 in Beta Zone available for Playbook or just for BBOS?
    08-05-11 09:01 PM
  3. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    freakin' awesome. i've got like 300+ crappy apps hangin' out.
    08-05-11 09:02 PM
  4. narci's Avatar
    Just for BBOS.

    The crappy thing is...once you 'ignore' and app..it brings you back up to the top of the list. The includes apps you installed on your PB..just marked as not installed on this device or something like that.

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    08-05-11 09:55 PM
  5. frankzaman's Avatar
    What I don't like is when you delete an app it takes you deleted apps panel, so that if you are deleting more than one app you have to go back to the installed app panel. That's like taking you into the recycle bin every time you delete something. That said, I love my playbook!
    08-05-11 10:49 PM
  6. bujo9's Avatar
    This didn't work for me, those apps installed on the Playbook appear as "Unavailable" on the BB not as uninstalled in App World.
    08-22-11 06:38 AM
  7. exzibit3's Avatar
    Doesn't work. You can hide the PB apps on the phone but it still shows in Appworld on PB.

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    08-22-11 09:29 AM
  8. Boight's Avatar
    Any update on how I can do this housecleaning on my Playbook?

    01-12-12 11:05 AM
  9. diegonei's Avatar
    Ok lets see... My World... Ignore? Can only see hide on 3.1.58... ALT+RST... My World... It is still there.

    No dice, pal.

    We've been asking for a way to delete apps from the uninstalled list for ages in Beta Zone...
    01-12-12 11:13 AM
  10. mrsmac717's Avatar
    Any update yet on how to delete my uninstalled apps?

    06-17-12 04:20 PM
  11. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    Any update yet on how to delete my uninstalled apps?

    At this time, that feature is not available. No can do.
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    06-17-12 04:24 PM