1. Jonathan-Archer's Avatar
    I'm stuck at the Mexican Standoff II level where you need to bring down the balcony with the crimelord. How do I bring it down most effectively? Because I keep getting killed in the end.
    07-04-12 11:19 AM
  2. Jonathan-Archer's Avatar
    Alright nevermind, I don't know what I did but the floor just collapsed and I got into the next checkpoint. Weird, I've no idea how I did that.
    07-04-12 11:28 AM
  3. Snuupy's Avatar
    You shoot the big metal barrels.
    07-05-12 12:39 AM
  4. GreyGhostRos's Avatar
    Yes there are 4 huge metal barellish boiler things...
    You have to shoot them and make them explode .. And while doing so run around and dive and kill oncoming enemies..
    Two very good places to hide if need be are:
    1. to the left corner near the door from where 1 enemy keeps coming after short intervals
    2. Under the platform itself.. That way you remain safe of the Rockets..
    07-06-12 10:25 AM