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    TVO Launches Five New Educational Apps for Kids

    From RIM Site:

    TVOs new apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet offer on the go learning opportunities for early learners and school-aged kids

    TVOKids Alphabet Goop Ages 2-5
    Alphabet Goop is a fun and engaging phonics based game that helps kids recognize and match letters of the alphabet. TVOKids host Gisle asks players for the first letter of objects as she stirs up her alphabet bowl.

    TVOKids Get Growing Ages 2-5
    Get Growing is a fun, engaging science activity that helps teach kids how and why plants grow.

    TVOKids Sign Match Ages 2-5
    Sign Match is a card matching game that helps kids learn about important signs they encounter every day in their environment.

    The TVO apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook for $1.99 are available for download on BlackBerry App World (BlackBerry App World) today:

    TVOKids Spelling Fleas Ages 6-11
    The mini-games found in the Spelling Fleas activity focus on the following areas of the language curriculum: spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension and phonics. Spelling Fleas asks kids to fill in the missing letters in words, find the correct spelling of words, identify verbs and select pictures to match sentences.

    TVOKids Space Trek Galaxy Ages 6-11
    Playing Space Trek Galaxy helps kids strengthen their deductive and logical reasoning skills. Through trial and error, kids will have tons of fun trying to clear the board without uncovering a meteor.
    10-22-11 12:33 AM