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    4Browsers is an app that was released very recently. It is an app that multitask web browsers. It can multitask upto 4 web browsers on a single screen. Which means using 4 different web browsers at the same time. It is an awesome productivity enhancement.

    Check the app
    03-12-12 02:58 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums and welcome to developing apps to the PB.

    I know it is a $0.99 app, but a trial is always welcome.

    Screenshots though, are a must. There are none in App World.
    03-12-12 03:02 PM
  3. westcoaststyle's Avatar
    Screenshots, please.
    03-12-12 03:06 PM
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    03-12-12 03:23 PM
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    Broken Image links don't count as screen shots. lol
    03-12-12 03:25 PM
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    there are screenshots of the iPad version on his website:

    App Store - 4Browsers
    03-12-12 03:25 PM
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    sorry in the app store. apparently i was redirected without noticing.
    03-12-12 03:25 PM
  8. kalana's Avatar
    Anyone tried out this app?
    03-13-12 03:10 AM
  9. Elite1's Avatar
    It's not actually using different browsers, is it? I'm assuming you mean that you can view 4 tabs, not 4 "browsers."
    Please correct me if I'm wrong!
    03-13-12 03:19 AM
  10. kalana's Avatar
    It's not actually using different browsers, is it? I'm assuming you mean that you can view 4 tabs, not 4 "browsers."
    Please correct me if I'm wrong!
    The app does not use tabs. It has 4 independent web browsers arrange side by side. When maximized user can switch browsers by sliding between browsers.
    03-13-12 03:24 AM
  11. rkennedy01's Avatar
    I'd be very worried about memory consumption from such a configuration. As it stands, the native browser engine can take up a couple of hundred megabytes just rendering sites in a single process. If you are indeed invoking multiple instances of the browser process, then I've got to believe you're putting a major dent in the available RAM. The PB is already quite "tight" in this regard - I can only imagine what it will be like with that kind of multi-process overhead.

    Since you're not making a "trial" version available, could you at least upload a screenshot of the app running multiple "heavy" (i.e. crackberry.com, et al) sites and then show the available memory on the PB?

    03-13-12 03:49 AM
  12. nimrodity's Avatar
    i just bought it and regret it totally.
    This app isnt native ,its a ported android app so speed is total s-h-i-t.
    its totally unusable,there arent any options and the 4 screens are no 4 browsers at all,it doesnt fit the screen at all,its just crappy.DONT BUY,its enough i threw 99 cents away.
    03-13-12 05:26 AM
  13. twdawson's Avatar
    I came over to Playbook from Android to get away from the crappy android apps, now we are getting tons of them here in appworld.
    I have tried some of the android apps on the playbook and all of them run like crap, don't give you access to the PB file system, and all run in the one VM so you can't multi task like what the native ones do.

    I love the OS2 upgrade but not that fact we can run stuff like this.
    03-13-12 05:39 AM
  14. nimrodity's Avatar
    I think android Ports are one of the worst things rim could think of.
    Sluggish,slow,ugly and too much limitations.
    And Thanks to appworlds way of handling them you dont know it's android Port till you fire it up the first time,the next logical way is to delete it right away
    03-13-12 06:41 AM
  15. diegonei's Avatar
    I didn't mean screenshots here. I asked you to add screen shots to AppWorld.

    So, it's an Android port.
    03-13-12 07:52 AM