1. kmflame's Avatar
    Hello guys

    I have a weird problem and I can not figure out why, I will try to explain myself.

    Just out of curiosity I did a wipe of my tablet and found out that I did not had need for speed and tetris

    Went to app world and searched for them.

    Downloaded them and I got them now (both in version 1.0)

    But there is the problem:

    When I go to my World in installed i see both Tetris and Need for Speed also when I go to Uninstalled I see both tetris and need for speed with the option to Reinstall (with the new versions).

    When i click on them it says: "Install Error There was a problem during installation, please try again"

    And if I click in the app in App World it says: "This Item is not supported by your current device profile"

    I was like wtf??

    Any ideas?

    05-07-11 02:54 AM
  2. simsim's Avatar
    Yeah, we in Europe did not have access to those two free games when the device first came out.

    But now they are available on AppWorld in Europe and you can download them and enjoy!
    05-09-11 05:05 AM