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    So far although some are paid apps I've converted and the results

    -Boots up, but after the Marvel Logo Crashes

    Plants vs Zombies
    -Crashes, doesn't boot

    Robot Unicorn Attack
    -Works fine, although only the music works and sound affect don't, works in QNX and Honeycomb
    -It also glitches out on the main screen giving you a small window of view, but when you hit start it goes full screen.

    ]Dragon Rush Pro
    -Crashes on QNX and Honeycomb

    Fly Dragon Fly
    -Works perfectly on Honeycomb Launcher, crashes on QNX

    Battleheart 1.2
    -Crashes on QNX and Honeycomb

    I'll take requests for any game just so you guys have an idea.
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    01-01-12 11:15 AM
  2. commodorefork's Avatar
    Hi. Could you try Battle for Wesnoth?


    It's a great (and free!) turn-based strategy game. I'd love to play it on the playbook. :-)
    01-01-12 01:21 PM
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    Hey, Could you try "plague inc" ?
    01-24-13 08:01 AM
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    Hey, Could you try "plague inc" ?
    Crashes on QNX
    01-25-13 06:38 PM