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    Please forgive, this got posted twice this is the corrected one:
    I have just started to be successful with sideloading apps from good ereader and I've gone down a rabbit hole, so I hope someone can help me:

    This morning I opened DDPB on my PC and pressed scan to upload the numbered address on the little guy with the shirt and the entered the password and connected. It did and I started to upload a print app to try.

    When I went to my computer, there was a y-drive with the print app there. The print app had successfully uploaded on my playbook and I want to uninstall it through the DDPB because it doesn't work.

    I rechecked my address on the DDPB and realized that I mistakenly used the 2nd address that the little shirt guy has, because I forgot to turn on the developer mode when I started the procedure today, so when I pressed scan instead of entering manually, the 2nd axdress number got entered and is the y-drive. Now it won't allow me to access the z-drive even when I have exited, rebooted the both the PC and the playbook.

    I'm thinking to delete the apps and current DDPB and reload everything, but I dont know how to delete the zdrive because while both the z and y drives are listed in my computer, it only letsvme access the y-drive, and it won't let me access the z-drive. Now there are different apps in each drive. Also, if I remove these 2 drives and reload the z-drive only, how will this effect the apps on my playbook? Can anyone try to rescue me out of this rabbit hole? Thanks for ant suggestions

    My playbook; my preciousss
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    I think I understand the problem, but I've never meddled with sideloading so this is a bit speculative. Use your own judgement, and make any backups you think necessary before you do anything dramatic.

    I think you are talking about y and z drives as seen on your PC. These will be mapped network drives which you should be able to unmap and remap whenever you wish. Most of what I'm thinking can be done from the DOS command prompt, and it is easier to describe keyboard commands than to describe mouse movements. If you can't find a shortcut to open command window, go to the Start button, and (depending on your version of Windows) type CMD in the Search field, or in the Run dialog. A black command window with C:> prompt should open.

    I would start by reading the current mapped drive list. Type in the command window (doesn't matter if upper or lower case, I'll use caps for easy identification):
    NET USE and press the Enter key

    This will give you a list of current mapped drives.

    The command to Unmap an attached drive (X: ) is:

    Note that this deletes the drive mapping, it does not delete the content of the drive.

    You already know how to create mapped drives, you must have done it to create the lost mappings. The full command keyboard method is
    NET USE X: \\<ipaddress>\<sharename> <password> /user:UsernameOnRemoteDevice>

    The short form is:
    NET USE X: \\<ipaddress>\<sharename>
    you should be prompted for username and password if necessary
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    01-22-13 06:39 PM
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    Hi Branta, with the current technology, it is a long, long time since I've gone into DOS - probably years. However, it's not dissimilar to entering a url, when you actually read it. I'll give it a try and let you know how it works. Thanks for your help
    01-23-13 09:49 AM
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    Sadly, this doesn't work. I have windows 32 w/ XP. Dos will not list drives, it says: no entries in this list; new connections will be remembered.
    When I first started to download apps, the instructions said the extra drive would not show unless playbook was connected to the PC.
    01-23-13 02:35 PM

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