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    I'm a newbie here and have searched and seemed something similar but not quite the same.

    I have created an autoexec macro in MS Access that executes when MS Access is opened. It exports 4 xlsx files that end up in my Dropbox folder and are accessible on my android phone using Dropbox app.

    I've side loaded Dropbox on my playbook and all works as it should on docs. It's just xlsx files that when I try to open them in Dropbox I'm told software not available to open such file. However if I download file to Playbook (rather than just open from cloud) that same self file is opened by docs2go app installed on Playbook.

    Here's the funny thing, if I change the file ext to xls. then I can open it from cloud using Dropbox/Doc2go. My problem is I can't for the life of me fathom out how to change the created macro to export xls file rather than xlsx file.

    Any ideas why this strange behaivour could be happening and could someone perhaps offer a solution.

    I tried sideloading Oliver office premium but althoug it had no problem opening file it showed no content. Of course a reliable alternative to doc2go is one answer, but I must admit being a heavy android apk user on my Galaxy S2 I'm not too impressed with how sideloaded bar files run on the playbook. However I bought it for surfing, movies email and book reader (kindle does seem stable).

    Thanks in advance for any help, and this certainly looks like the forum to frequent for all my playbook needs.
    09-05-12 11:51 AM
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    Take the existing xlsx file and open it,then save it as xls. Then open the new saved xls file and create the export again and see if it sends to dropbox with the new extension.
    09-05-12 12:01 PM
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    Try sideloading Quickoffice Pro. The Dropbox app will give you the option to open with this app and it may be able to open the doc.
    09-05-12 02:12 PM
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    Same now happening with docx files. It has only started to do this today. I thought I was imagining things when xlsx files would not work, because I'm sure they did work initially, now the same with docx. Gonna try Quickoffoce Pro although so far I am have not been impressed with any sideloaded app apart from Dropbox which is now looking redundant unless I can solve this issue.

    Can I un-install docs2go?

    EDIT: Couldn't find Quickoffice pro so found apk of QOP HD version and used online convesion to bar. Didn't work as i get message The application Blackberry Keyboard(process system.apps) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force Close

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a working copy of QOP please.
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    09-06-12 08:20 AM