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    As you know, the BBXTeam has been actively working and monitoring the Google Doc on playbookbars.com, but we have also been working behind the scenes to develop our own native applications as well. In the meantime, now that the conversion fever has died down, we'd like to offer you a pre-written form letter that you can send your favorite company/application developer.

    BTW- A reminder that we are still looking for volunteers. At this time, specifically and JRE coders or anyone familiar with the Funambol server, &/or a Social Feeds developer.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    No response is required to this email.

    Your application Application.APK was recently converted by the BlackBerry PlayBook users for use on the BlackBerry PlayBook as a converted BAR file. Its' current status is considered Working/Not Working/Untested.

    Following the BlackBerry Developers' Conference in October, Research in Motion released an initial BETA developer version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS 2 platform for the PlayBook.

    Included in this release is a native Android 2.3.3 run-time, which allows anyone to recompile an Android APK for use in the BlackBerry PlayBook in BAR format. Developers have been granted access to both on and offline conversion tools using only a few clicks as shown in the following link.


    Using these tools, individual PlayBook users have been actively collaborating and converting various applications to demonstrate just how easy the process is. In addition a list of converted applications (including yours) has emerged with download links, the working status, and general usage information available. It is hoped that this list of converted applications will help encourage developers to re-release their respective application on the BlackBerry Playbook.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, your application has been added to this list as it believed to be a free application on the Android Market, available as a free trial online, or offered for free through the Amazon Marketplace. If this is not the case, or for any reason you wish to have your application removed from the apk2bar list, please e-mail us at removal@bbxteam.com and we will have your application permanently removed.

    DISCLAIMER: Users are notified that these converted applications are not supported by their respective organizations in any shape or form, and that they should not expect reliable use of the converted application.

    With your APK already converted to the PlayBook BAR format, it is recommended that you review your application and attempt to port an official version of your application when possible. You can even test your application without owning a PlayBook using RIM's own Tablet Simulator:

    BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator adds support for the BlackBerry Browser BlackBerry Developer's Blog

    Additionally, our team is both willing to help test any early BETA builds or to continue any abandoned development projects on their port to the BlackBerry PlayBook operating system.

    For more information on how easy it is to develop your existing application for the Blackberry PlayBook, please visit: BlackBerry - Tablet OS - Calling All Apps for the BlackBerry Tablet OS

    If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

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