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    * Link Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...=search_result

    Kingsoft Office is the only mobile Office with full-features FREE. Support for running on Android 2.1 and above system. User-friendly & nice UI interface! Users from over 200 countries and regions around the world are using it. The Average Rating of Kingsoft Office is up to 4.6 stars! Whether in a small cell phone screen or on a large screen on the Tablet, Kingsoft Office has a superior performance!

    ★ Rich editing features! All is FREE!
    ★ Small Size, Stable Operation, and Special interface!
    ★ Support 23 kinds of files, including DOC/DOCX/TXT/XLS/XLSX/PPT/PPTX/PDF
    ★ Built-in file manager that can automatically organize your office document
    ★ Tight integration with the mail application
    ★ Support cloud storages such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.net and other services with WebDAV protocol
    ★ A variety of gestures operations, which make your work more interesting
    ★ Support different Read Mode which be closer to the users’ need

    Like Us:http://www.facebook.com/KingsoftOfficeAndroid
    Follow Us: http://twitter.com/#!/kingsoft_office
    Support Community: Android Office - Kingsoft Office Forum - Powered by Discuz!
    Our Website: Kingsoft office software: free office software, professional office software

    ★ "The best free office's app!"
    ★ "So Smart! Mobile Office Changed Now!"
    ★ "Outstanding. Tried them all and this is the best. That's it!"
    ★ "Nice Office App. Very useful, nice UI, like it better than the others I've tried."
    And the G+ of our page is more than 20,000. It will be our pleasure that you click the G +1 on the right of the page if you like the app.

    ※Support for viewing and switching multi-documents.
    ◇Can view and edit documents in Page-Layout or Web-Layout
    ◇Bookmark and rapid positioning features
    ◇Save document as PDF
    ◇Spell Check
    ◇Print feature
    ◇Manual Paint, Comment and Revise
    ◇Rich formatting features including bold, italics, underline, font color, alignment, tables, alignment, header, footer, word count, find & replace, full-screen, etc.
    ◇Insert Picture feature, and support picture operations like deleting, rotating, moving, zoom, wrapping, etc.
    ◇Display a variety of graphic objects, equation, symbol, number and tables wrap effects
    ※Custom input keyboard, which supports for inserting and editing formulas
    ※Insert Charts,such as Column, Bar, Line, Pie, etc.
    ※Include filter, sort, cell, fill, find & replace, wrap, format painter, freeze panes, autosum features, etc.
    ※Support complex cell format setting, including General, Numerical, Date,Text, Alignment, Font Size and other useful features.
    ※Quick Calculation feature of back-plane
    ※Support for speedy dialing of selected numbers and sending emails
    ※Insert, view and delete comments
    ※Support Print documents and the output of PS, PDF formats
    ◇Shared Play with Wifi,, Wifi Direct or hotspot network.
    ◇With thumbnails list like PC Office, for convenient slide switch
    ◇Compatible with the SmartArt display
    ◇Bullets and Numbers, Frame, Paragraph and Quick Style
    ◇Support for inserting and editing shapes, text box, pictures and notes
    ◇Display charts and tables
    ◇Slide Layout feature
    ◇Variety of play modes and laser pointer display
    ※Support bookmarks insertion and positioning
    ※Read memory
    - Support external Bluetooth keyboard and USB keyboard input
    - Support external keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-S, etc. And we are adding more)
    - Encrypted document
    - Support the display of Arabic documents
    - Display history files as photos wall
    - Desktop Widget

    Kingsoft Office will apply for access to:
    1.Your messages. For help to read email attachments with this app
    2.Storage. For that you can modify or delete the documents of your SD card
    3.Network communication. For full network access
    4.System tools. For that you can create a personal hotspot when using shareplay

    Screenshot :


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    I've had Kingsoft office sideloaded on both playbook and my new z10 for long time. It is time for them to make it available through the app world. it works great without any changes.
    05-05-13 11:34 AM
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    I tried this app, but for some reason it always runs in the background eating your battery and is to slow when it comes to power point presentations on the playbook.
    05-05-13 12:48 PM

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