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    I've got a Curvette 9310 (Yes, you read that right. It's the size of a child's toy.) that I keep as a little back-up when I don't want to carry something full-sized, and it's wired to Verizon. In hunting around I found probably the cheapest MVNO for VZW service is Bring Your Own Wireless, and the name means they don't sell any phones at all, just service. They apparently accept a lot of different BlackBerrys, with service starting at $5/month.

    There's no BIS, but they don't hassle you about signing up with a REAL phone either. But the best part for me, was when I called about another old BlackBerry I've got, and after the four menu choices that don't include having to choose English, my call was answered by a real human being in the US speaking native English! Woo Hoo! (Take that you Engalog [That's like Chinglish, except it's English & Tagalog-the hybrid language spoken by most employees in off-shore customer aggravation dept.s in the Philippines.] slackers, and lame carriers who give every non-English speaking customer assistance in their own language, but not us!) And that's not all.

    Check this out: The phone was answered by PICKING THE HANDSET UP FROM THE BASE, and the woman says "Thank you for calling BYOWireless, this is PRECIOUS, can I help you?" OMG! Real Americana and as old school as you'd ever wanna get. She knew her stuff and I got set up, and she's in Bossier City LA, with home office in Alabama. Can You Dig It!?!

    Here's their web address, Bring Your Own Wireless - Prepaid Cell Phone Plans - Pay As You Go - BYO Wireless, and be sure and tell Precious that Fred said "Hi." And don't forget: Take yer shoes off.....an set a spell.

    "For Hillbilly press one."

    Disclaimer: No, I'm not getting anything for referring people, and no, I don't think they have LTE but I don't know. My little phone is 3-3.5 G only.
    04-27-15 04:49 AM
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    Small Verizon MVNO w/Cheap Plans and USA CS!!!-img_20150427_061212.png

    Posted via CB10
    04-27-15 05:12 AM

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