1. joekiser's Avatar
    Tried out PureTalkUSA because I moved to an area where T-Mobile towers (SimpleMobile) don't receive signal. PureTalk USA is an ATT MVNO that allows rollover data, rollover minutes, on the cheap. I did the $10 talk + $9 for 150 megs. Signal strength is strong.

    For two weeks, data worked great with 4G on my SQN-100-5. Data suddenly stopped working with no changes made to the phone (no software updates, etc). Tried moving the SIM card over to an Android Moto G, still no data. APN settings correct per the website. Conversely, I moved my wife's Straight Talk SIM over to my Q10, and got Data and 4G, no problem.

    I contact PureTalk's customer support via email and explain the problem. I don't want to waste my limited minutes with their phone customer service. Big mistake. They reply via email that BlackBerry is not supported and they will not provide data to my phone. That's fine if you are an ***** and think it still needs the old BES....but why didn't data work with my Android? And why did data work with my Q10 for two weeks in the first place? No response from my reply. Can't believe I paid $$$ for this crap.

    Long story short: look elsewhere for a low cost ATT MVNO. PureTalkUSA isn't it.
    09-04-14 07:00 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Wow! Amazing! Thanks for the heads up for ATT people.
    09-05-14 05:41 AM
  3. joekiser's Avatar
    Just an update: the customer service rep told me that I have used my entire data for the billing period. This is absolutely not true, as their website shows I have only used 63 MB out of the 150 megs I paid for from August 1 through the 7th of September. And even if that were the case, I could have gotten a text message warning me that I was approaching the limit. It looks like the customer service rep did not want to troubleshoot the issue, and marked it as "RESOLVED."

    This week, I am going to swap services to something else. This is the beauty of having an unlocked device. Sorry that it didn't work out, PureTalk seemed to have great prices.
    09-07-14 09:45 PM
  4. WM55's Avatar

    I've been on PureTalk since 2012 and while the pricing on the service is quite good, the support for BlackBerry does not exist. I, withe the help of the forums here, was able to get my BB Z10 to use the data plan and send and receive text messages. However, I could not get the SMS functionality on my phone, which was quite perplexing as the original Z10 was factory unlocked and was an AT&T phone. The knee jerk reaction from their support when you say you have a BB Z10 is that the device isn't supported. The truth is the data plan is supported but the SMS is not. In talking with the PureTalk folks who interface with AT&T, the explanation was that they "ride" on AT&T's network but the signal interface was different.
    Short answer, they don't know why you can't send/receive SMS. If you need the full functionality then PTUSA ain't the guys
    10-18-14 07:35 PM
  5. Rustybronco's Avatar
    Odd. I have service with them. Talk, text (sms) and 4G data all work. The only thing not working so far is MMS.
    It was the same way with Airvoice my previous ATT MVNO. No MMS.
    09-01-15 11:48 AM

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