1. breakingpoint0's Avatar
    Sorry if this is in the wrong area!

    I just finished watching the Ubuntu tablet reveal video. You can color me impressed! It seems very slick! It can be found here: Ubuntu on tablets | Ubuntu

    With the way they Canonical talks about the future of Ubuntu and how everything will work together, I can't help but be reminded of BlackBerry. It seems like they are both talking the same game and have a lot of the same ideas for the future.

    What will be interesting is to see how both platforms play out. Neither the tablet nor the phone(as far as I can tell) is available from Ubuntu yet. The previews will be available at MWC this week though. There is talks that phones and tablets won't be launching until 2014. The way the phone, tablet, tv, etc is supposed to play together with Ubuntu seems like it is what BlackBerry will be shooting for so everything works together seamlessly.

    Seeing this makes me more excited to see what BlackBerry brings to the tablet!
    02-19-13 12:43 PM
  2. JMM2013A's Avatar
    What I really want to see is how will BlackBerry improve it's multitasking features for BB10 for tablets. Ubuntu has a bridge-like functionality that runs the app on the side of the screen, so you are not just running them simultaneously, you are also using them at the same time. However that keyboard is awful... and I remember a gestures-based OS navigation from somewhere... They still can't achieve the capabilities of micro-kernel such as highly reliable and secure with true M2M, etc.
    02-19-13 10:21 PM

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