1. timma100's Avatar
    Alright so far I have the nokia ovi suite on my computer to tether. (If there is another program to tether feel free to let me know) When I try to tether I have presets but straight talk is not one. You can do manual, settings but I think I need more information. It asks for ap address, username, password, and extra connection instructions. I looked in my phone and the only information I can get from the Track phone internet AP link is the address att.mvno. But I can't get the rest of the AP information. I put in att.mvno on the tether settings in the ovi suite but it didn't work. Do I need a username and password? or has the symbian os been locked to not allow tether. If it has been locked, can I reinstall symbian and add back the straight talk AP? At the end of the day, I just need to tether lol. If you can help me at all I would really appreciate it, sorry for the wall of text
    01-24-11 12:03 PM
  2. lukedobson's Avatar
    Is that the Nokia smart phone?
    02-05-11 06:40 PM
  3. timma100's Avatar
    Is that the Nokia smart phone?
    Yes, its running the Symbian S60 OS
    03-16-11 12:32 PM
  4. mattburns9999's Avatar
    i tried using ovi and it failed also....but i figured it out close all programs plug in via usb on the phone screen select connect pc to web...open windows explorer select your device and then select autorun it will then install the drivers and the connection wizard will open follow the instructions and it worked perfectly for me. BUT tethering is not prohibited with straight talk so be careful when they see you using all that extra data that the pc will be using there liable to cancel your service.
    05-16-11 10:30 PM