08-07-09 10:44 PM
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  1. moorken's Avatar
    can somebody who has used both devices already post a brief description of what he this to be bether on the blackberry and what is bether on the HTC telephone? i'm so curious to see them compared
    02-05-08 07:22 AM
  2. kenwolf's Avatar
    It depends on what you want. Blackberry is better for the email, and much easier to use, but HTC offers so cool funtions. Did try both, but stuck with Blackberry because of ease of use.
    02-05-08 07:51 AM
  3. spinosareyes's Avatar
    Until august 2007 i had a BB8700, but i since I work in a company open 24hs/365d in diferent country so I kind got fed up with so many invasive mails at any time every day.....i decided that i wanted to decide when to download my mails when out of the office so i gave back the companys BB and got myself a HTC Touch. At first it seemed very cool but after a few weeks i started to miss the BB.
    The interface of the touch is quite cool but a bad copy of the Iphone, its kind of slow, there are many programs, you can use skype for example with wifi conection. But.....
    after 4 months I came back to BB with a 8310. And now this is a cool phone its lighter+smaller than the 8700/8800 it has a gps, a great contact book, cool camera it sounds great and bla bla bla.
    its faster to get where you want, the htc you need several steps to get anywhere...this will get you mad in short time!!

    bottom line: get a BB. You wont regret it.
    02-05-08 12:49 PM
  4. hunnybunny's Avatar
    I had a HTC for almost a month before I switched to my BB. The HTC was a cool phone, I'm not gonna lie, but it was too much drama and complicated. If you're running too many programs, it's sooooo slow. And the touch screen wasn't all that. I've only had my BB for 2 weeks and I'm happier with it.

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    02-06-08 01:42 AM
  5. radimus's Avatar
    FWIW, having used Windows Mobile since the Jornada 568 (they called them Pocket PC's then) and Blackberries since the 6210, here's my thoughts.

    Windows Mobile started out life as a general purpose, stand-alone PDA called the Pocket PC. It was designed to be a general purpose computer and PDA you could carry in your pocket. A jack of all trades. If you can write an app to do the job, it can do the job. How well that job gets done depends a lot on the quality of the software made for the job. With lots of different companies writing apps and making the devices, there is lots of potential for conflicts and problems, just like a Windows PC. If you're willing to put up with a bit of quirkiness, Windows Mobile devices can do a lot. As far as device makers go, I think HTC is the biggest one and they tend to make nice stuff.

    On the other hand, the Blackberry started life as a dedicated email pager and has slowly and methodically evolved into a device that has a lot of the same capabilities as a general purpose PDA. It's a cleaner and easier to use system because RIM has complete control over it, and poorly written third party apps are less likely to completely trash the system as can happen with Windows Mobile. It's a tighter and can be a faster system because RIM has kept it that way, where as Microsoft has allowed Windows Mobile to get a tad bloated.

    I switched from an 8700 to a AT&T Tilt because I wanted the extra flexibility that can be had with Windows Mobile. I can run Blackberry Connect and connect to the BES as work and BIS for personal accounts, but also connect directly to any POP3 or IMAP accounts I have without going through BIS if I want. File attachments from those accounts can be handled directly by the device. Built in and third party apps allow me to keep and view many types of documents. Lots of different types of ebooks and other media are supported. The list goes on. There are some trade-offs, but then there are always trade-offs.
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    02-06-08 03:06 PM
  6. Zak8022's Avatar
    Similarly to what has already been mentioned, I like how the BB stuff seems more polished. I did not like the quirkiness of my PPC6700. I have had my BB 8130 for about a month, and have loved every minute of it.

    I find it much easier to type out things (even on the Pearl keyboard) than on my 6700's slide out qwerty keyboard.

    Sure, the BB's have some memory management issues, but it is a lot less intrusive tome than stuff just not working at random times on my 6700.

    Personally, I think I'm sold for life on bb's.

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    02-06-08 03:18 PM
  7. Zion800's Avatar
    I am a Windows Mobile fan and currently have a Treo 750 (With WM6). I am thinking of switching phones to the Tilt, and wanted to know if you can use BlackBerry Mobile (the chat service).

    Many of my friends use BBM, and thought it would be cool to join in, but I don't want to switch to a BlackBerry (very fond of WM6).
    02-23-08 08:06 PM
  8. crackvegas78's Avatar
    I am a Windows Mobile fan and currently have a Treo 750 (With WM6). I am thinking of switching phones to the Tilt, and wanted to know if you can use BlackBerry Mobile (the chat service).

    Many of my friends use BBM, and thought it would be cool to join in, but I don't want to switch to a BlackBerry (very fond of WM6).

    As far as I know, you can only use bbm with a bb. Kinda like a cool kids club. LOL
    02-23-08 08:12 PM
  9. philchang's Avatar
    I don't have personal experience with windows mobile. I had a Psion once that I loved but it died. I've had mostly Palms ever since the IIIC. I moved first to a 7250 and now the Pearl. What I love about blackberys is that they just work. They're solid and dependable. I never had a second thought about my 7250. Now with the Pearl I have everything I need in a small form factor. I use the media player to listen to music and podcasts. I view movies on my Pearl. I wouldn't consider another phone (unless it was the Curve - I'm on Verizon).
    02-23-08 08:27 PM
  10. radimus's Avatar
    There are two issues keeping BBM a BB only app. First is the BB is the only device that BBM is written to work on. The second is that devices using BBC 4 can only receive PIN messages. They cannot send them.

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    02-23-08 09:12 PM
  11. TheAznBradPitt's Avatar
    I had the touch for 2months and I lost track of how many times I had to reboot it. I never my bb freeze up on me.

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    03-10-08 09:55 AM
  12. steenvoorden's Avatar
    If been comparing both, and alot of people I know with HTC/Windows phones have a lot of software problems.
    03-30-08 12:20 PM
  13. Will Noojin's Avatar
    i had the HTC before recently switching over to the BB curve. I love the HTC and was scared to switch over to a BB interface and functioning. But when i made the change it was quite easy to get use to. it comes down to personal preferences, like people said on this forum, BB is mostly for Email on the go. as for the HTC is a Pocket PC.
    03-31-08 05:54 PM
  14. Jay588's Avatar
    i had an HTC for 2 years and it was great, but WM OS are not my idea of a "phone" really, because it seems they freeze up or 'lag' when you need them the most and I was going to return it the week I bought it. one good thing about it was that it was a tank. I've dropped it down my stairs atleast 3 times, and it didnt freeze up more than normal or anything, just some deep scars.
    04-04-08 09:13 AM
  15. BooBoo's Avatar
    Before I start I owned a BB 7105t then grabbed the BB Curve 8300 after the 7105t died with WHITE SCREEN!!! used the Curve in the Philippines for 6 months of no problem due to work... no problem with sms and email even in a different country then I returned back to the US without the BB (gave it to the wife - she love it too much and also there is no BB in the Philippines) then... I had an HTC TyTN II, known as the HTC Kaiser for a week and gave up on it... it has all the cool stuffs like wifi, 3G, video feed, etc etc etc... it is a nice phone... I am up at 6 am and by 1 pm the battery is almost drained... I always use my smartphone for work, email, call, sms, etc I work for a Toyota. The HTC is a nice smartphone but for ease of use I would never trade any BB. The HTC is a company phone. they say pick any phone in ATT for work. after that week of use I came back and grabbed an BB Curve 8310

    The first BB Curve is my personal phone and now I have an assortment of BB: Curve 8310, Pearl 8100, and 8700c
    04-04-08 10:31 PM
  16. anon(375378)'s Avatar
    Well, I had the cingular 8525 pocket pc. I loved the 3g and surfing the web and actually being able to see or download vids on it.

    The only problem was the phone service. In the area of town I worked in, I couldn't get any reception but soon as I left the area, it worked. My co-workers would offer me their inexpensive or free flip phones to make a call when my expensive high tech phone wouldn't work.

    My main gripe is the battery life. Surfing would suck the life out of my 8525. I would have to keep it plugged up in the car and keep the wall charger handy.

    With my BB8800, I charge irt overnight and forget about it. The battery life is great. It was and still is a little rough switching from my windows moblie to this but hopefully from the latest news coming down the pipe, I will like upgrading to the 9000 or the latest ATT curve.

    If I don't like what I see, I'll just go to the TILT. I still keep my old 8525 in my gear bag and switch out the chip and use it once and a while.

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    04-05-08 03:46 AM
  17. surfcitybum's Avatar
    My son just got the HTC Touch and he's learning real fast about leaving too many applications open (real slow).
    04-05-08 08:39 PM
  18. kap09's Avatar
    every wm device i've used has been an absolute unreliable slug...

    it's a shame, because htc makes some awesome devices. i just couldn't stand the lack of reliability. i love that every time i go to use my bb, i know it will do what i expect.
    04-06-08 01:04 AM
  19. stnthmn's Avatar
    I have been looking for a new phone for a few months now. I tried the Voyager, HTC Touch Dual, BB Curve, and a few others. I decided on the Blackberry Curve but I can tell you my experience with the HTC Touch Dual. This is just my opinion though. I do not like the touch screen on the HTC and I find going back and forth from touch screen to keyboard annoying. Also, the HTC does slow down after opening many programs. It is cool and easy to use but it's also a little bulky. I know that is a personal preference but I figure I mention that. I also find holding the HTC up to my ear a little annoying when answering a phone call. It's a nice device (The Touch Dual in general) but really not for me. However, the Curve seems polished and easy to hold. It takes a little longer to get use to but so far I am enjoying it. Sorry I don't have anymore details since I only had the HTC for 2 days. I did find battery life to be short but that was because signal was weak where I live. I'm new BB owner so I hope it doesn't disappoint me but so far it's solid. Lots of people that are willing to help if you have questions so that's good.
    04-10-08 04:30 PM
  20. anon(375378)'s Avatar
    I still have an 8525 that I use once and a while. I loved my Window Media. I was having problems being able to make and receive phone calls from it in the area I was working in and had to switch.

    The only other downside I had with it was the battery life. The 3g /wifi phone would suck the life out of the battery. I would have to keep both the wall and car chargers handy for it.

    I had never used a BB and tried the 8800 since it was their latest greatest phone at the time. I was very unhappy to see the lack of HTML/video/web content on it. I had a hard time adjusting to it but I got use to it.

    It is really clean and simple as far as your email is concerned and lately there are plenty of "free apps" that are out there to make your BB more comfortable to a WM user. My problem I had was the fact i couldn't download videos or movies without having to be a computer "guru" and downloading a separate app just to convert movies. Since then, there are websites that already have movies and shows that can be easily downloaded on the BB.

    The latest upgrade to the OS will take care of the other problem I have with text only emails.

    I admit I was not familiar with the Blackberry much and thought it was already geared for the individual, rather than for business. They're starting to come around pretty quick now that they see who's buying their phones.

    I cant get past the outstanding battery life of my 8800. So that's really what it keeping me leaning toward the BB line. Also, the current and future apps are appealing as well. I'm not liking the way the 9000 is looking right now, but I care more for whats under it's hood and if the battery life with it's WiFi will be addressed. I was going to just switch to the curve, but will see what BB has in store this summer.

    I do like the TILT though. It just depends on what you want "right now" or can wait on "the new 9000" later.
    04-10-08 05:06 PM
  21. IrishJK09's Avatar
    There are a few important things to consider when reading peoples opinions on Windows Mobile. Well, the most important thing to realize is that you have different classes of people when it comes to technology, ESPECIALLY when Windows Mobile is involved. In my experience, I have found the following to be the most common users of Windows Mobile.

    1. The competent. These are the people that know how to download and install programs, understand the importance of actually closing things when they are done instead of letting them run in the background, figure out the best tweaks to optimize battery life, etc. In general, these are the people that understand what a Windows Mobile phone is, how to customize it, and how to make it work. You will rarely see these people complain of sluggishness or freezes because they actually use the device properly.

    2. The "I want a PDA and Phone in one guy." This is the person that wants a combined device and doesn't really know why. Whether they really need it, or just think they need it, they get it. The problem is, they usually buy whatever has a touch screen and a calendar, which in most cases will be a Windows Mobile device. These are the people that have used "normal" cellphones for a long time and don't understand the vast difference between a WM PPC/Smartphone and a normal cellphone. They don't grasp the concept of shutting down apps, adjusting the backlight, setting proper power management, and the idea of installing apps is completely lost on them. These are the most common people you see complaining about battery life, sluggishness, difficulty of use, etc; then proclaim how they returned the device after 2 weeks time and it was all the phones fault.

    These are of course generalizations and there are more categories, but like I said, these are the ones that "I" see the most in both message boards and real life. Keeping this in mind, you need to take what is said, both negatively and positively, on messages boards with a grain of salt; more salt is needed for the negative posts however.

    The questions are yours to answer really:

    What is the most important aspect of the device to you?
    What do you want the device to do as a whole, besides make calls?

    If you want a "do everything" device, and you are patient and level headed enough to set it up right and customize it, Windows Mobile might be the thing for you (meaning HTC).

    If you want an easy to use out of the box with little to no customization required device, or if email is your number 1 priority, a BlackBerry might be a better choice.

    They are both awesome devices in their own respects, so the most important thing is what you need, what you are willing to learn, and how well you can grasp the concepts of customizing a device to your needs.

    (When I say customizing, I don't mean advanced registry editing and programming, I just mean installing the right apps and tweaks, as well as using the right settings)
    04-13-08 12:57 AM
  22. lantern20's Avatar
    I have an 8525 and my wife has an 8820. I love my 8525 (my wife loves the 8820, she would prefer it came with a camera though) and I don't think I could ever go back to a non-touch screen. We don't have data plans, we only use wifi. I think the 8525 is much more straight-forward to configure (I set up both). Upgrading the 8525 is easier as no pc is required, it can be done from the microsd card. I like to be able to control as much of the device as possible, I don't believe that you can do that with BB (I haven't played with it enough because my wife won't give it up!). If you look at the availability of software, WM devices seem to have a wider variety of software; some good, some not so good. BB seems to have a much more limited selection (how about a good profile switcher for normal, silent, etc. that works when the phone is locked). The BB is certainly more stable and the battery life is definitely much better. I just keep my phone plugged in more. Bluetooth is preferred to using either handset as they are both awkward to hold up to your ear.

    Basically, what CrazEtooN said above pretty much holds true for me.
    If you want a "do everything" device, and you are patient and level headed enough to set it up right and customize it, Windows Mobile might be the thing for you (meaning HTC).

    If you want an easy to use out of the box with little to no customization required device, or if email is your number 1 priority, a BlackBerry might be a better choice.
    04-15-08 01:15 PM
  23. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Nothing beats a Berrry brotha, come on!
    04-15-08 07:09 PM
  24. lantern20's Avatar
    I just don't think I can do without the touch screen!
    04-16-08 10:26 AM
  25. IrishJK09's Avatar
    Heres a perfect example of how even the most reliable of phones can be problematic. On Friday, April 11th, my BlackBerry gave me a "fatal" application error and needed to be replaced. One week and one day later, my replacement gave me the same error.

    I am a well versed BlackBerry user, and I still had a problem. I could come to the forums and complain about it to high heaven, and give people the false impression that BlackBerrys are bad devices, when they really aren't; I just got unlucky two times in a row.

    The same can be said about Windows Mobile and the "problems" people often complain about in regards to those devices. This thread seems fairly dead, but I figured I would pop in with this "pearl of wisdom" on the subject anyway.
    04-19-08 10:07 PM
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