1. CrackMachine's Avatar
    First Z10 availability for Austria. A1.net is the first carrier out the door. Pricing is aggressive....depending on the monthly contract the device can be FREE!!! Device is 99 per month on 39.9 and 59.9 contracts; with a navigation and/or navi and TV add-on (extra 6.90 or 19.90 per month) the price drops to 49 or 0.

    Mein A1 | A1.net
    03-19-13 03:13 AM
  2. habicht's Avatar
    Having friends running it on Orange, Drei and T-Mobile too. You can buy them onlocked at Amazon, Niedermeyer,... Price dropped under 600€ (775 USD) - including 20% taxes - this week.

    Blackberry Z10 schwarz Preisvergleich | Geizhals sterreich

    But there is no marketing in Austria
    03-19-13 03:55 AM

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