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    I recently updated to and is now considering to downgrade the OS since I've switched Carrier.
    One function Ive been wanting is Wi-Fi calling.

    I have one Sim from T-Mobile and one from Three , both for UK use with Pay as you go.

    Ive only tested T-Mobile for one week now and I find it a bit expensive, but I saw they had a 'better plan' now, anyways Three has a unlimited data plan, i think and they have Skype. But do they have Wi-Fi calling in their OS? I cant find that info anywhere...

    Anyone with experience with both carriers regarding coverage, prices, wi-fi calling and skype?

    haha I know, lots of questions.

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  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Moving to other world carriers should be a better fit there.
    05-27-12 09:08 PM
  3. DJ Reyes's Avatar
    Wifi calling is built-in as part of the of OS 7.1, however only Orange currently supports it.

    With regards to coverage, Three is quite spotty with their network through my own experience but I do live out in the skirts, although I did occasionally run into problems while being in the city. Their unlimited data plan will cost your 15 per month then you have to think about BIS which will cost you another 5 a month, so you'd be paying 20 a month if you wanted the unlimited data plan too. This gives you 300 mins and 300 texts.

    T-Mobile has a few deals going for BlackBerry where you can top up 10 a month and get free BBM, browsing and email but they also have a BlackBerry Booster where you can get 6 months BIS for 20.

    Hope this helps
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    06-09-12 08:59 AM
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    Thank you very much for the help!
    For now Three works for me. As you mentioned, the coverage can be weak some places.
    But overall its a good carrier for me so far.

    Maybe I will try Orange next time, I really want that feature.
    06-10-12 09:18 AM
  5. Belfastflyer's Avatar
    Deepends where you live in the uk - T-mobile has terrible signal in Northern Ireland. 3's is better but still a lot of blackspots.
    07-01-12 01:41 PM