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    Tips, warnings and issues with Polish carrier Play/P4

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    12-28-14 05:05 AM
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    Just in case you will spend some time in Poland it is good idea to have Play's sim card installed. That network operates in all available flavors from GSM to LTE (in select areas of Poland) also it lets you use domestic roaming if their cell coverage is not enough. Whats interesting, they wont charge you anything extra for using your data plan while in roaming mode (domestic). Their options are not expensive, also those BlackBerry OS users who still use BIS service will find it really cheap for unlimited emails and internet services using BlackBerry apps. As of today, Dec. 28, 2014, BIS will cost you $3.5 a month. Not bad. For BlackBerry 10 users they have large data plans for reasonable money.

    Ps. I am not working for P4/play, just using their network

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    12-28-14 05:16 AM
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    Play... never again. Usles semiroaming (domestic) sh...t.
    12-28-14 07:45 AM
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    Well, I cant complain, maybe it didnt work as it should in the past, but now it works very well.

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    12-28-14 02:45 PM

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