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    Since I've moved to Europe i was still hanging onto Att's international plan, but I finally made the switch to local carrier, SFR France under the Red plan. As soon as I insected the sim card and got the phone activated calling and texting and internet worked fine but having a variety of other issues. The biggest pain of them is network time not being available and from the time the simple was entered it thinks it's some bizzare hour during the 24th day of august 2011. I've tried battery and sim pull and the changed the time again but to another bizzare not correct time. I tried entering the time manually but when I turned off phone to go to bed I woke up the next morning and while the day and year was still in sync the hour was off again! How can I make the "network time not available" go away?

    Another one is it says my phone number is unknown, I had to enter tat in manually. Then Facebook says that I don't have a data plan that supports the application (I have a 3gb H+ plan) and the data does work as when turning off wifi Web browser and whatsapp and such still function. Anyone have an idea of how I could fix this? I have a blackberry torch 9810 with OS7.1. I would otherwise call the carrier but while my french is improving, something like a technical phone issue I would had trouble conveying and understanding an answer. Thanks if you read this!
    12-08-12 04:08 AM

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