1. Pensgurl5's Avatar
    I'm spending four weeks in Russia this summer and I would very much like to bring my Blackberry with me in order to keep in touch with family back in Canada, and maybe browse the internet if it isn't to expensive. At present I am with Bell Mobility, and the root of my question is what would be the best and most cost effective way of using my phone to it's full capacity while I'm there, however the most important thing would be being able to use it to call home, and around Moscow, anything else would be a bonus

    What in your experience is the best way to use your phone abroad, calling card, prepaid SIM, or something? I'm not entirely familiar with my options, I apologize in advance
    11-26-12 07:22 PM
  2. OniBerry's Avatar
    It's the in and around Moscow that bothers me.....LoL

    ok, well, if you plan on being above ground and plan on sticking in the Moscow area and want Prepaid BIS, then beeline is probably your best bet. (550rub/Month) Almost 18/Can Funds. Мобильная связь

    Depending on where you plan on being while in Moscow, you may also want to check out MTS Welcome

    Headache free, but way more expensive would be to ask Bell for a Global Data Package, but I am not sure how much that would cost.
    11-26-12 09:13 PM

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