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    I wrote this quite a while back when BlackBerry 7 devices first launched in the UK. I have been updating it to run with the current market changes in the UK too. It is basically a BlackBerry buyer's guide for the UK. It is split into two parts for contract and pay as you go, which is big in the UK.

    While there are many who probably won't be buying a contract plan for BlackBerry at this point, seeing as BlackBerry 10 is coming soon, that may not of much use but it has been updated nonetheless for those you may still want to. Since the holidays are coming up, the pay as you go guide may be useful if you are looking to buy a pay as you go BlackBerry for someone.

    These guides are just for the top 5 networks in the UK. While Orange and T-Mobile come under EE, there aren't really any EE plans for BlackBerry yet so you'll still them under their individual names in the guide.

    BlackBerry Buyer's Guide UK Edition Part 1 - Contract plans
    BlackBerry Buyer's Guide UK Edition Part 2 - Pay As You Go plans
    11-27-12 10:53 AM

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