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    Hi all,

    I would like to get
    BIS in China. i have read about China Mobile's service elsewhere but am concerned about the low data allowance. Does anyone know if it is sufficient for normal use of email and internet (yes, I know that is a question a bit like the length of a piece of string...)?

    Are there other options? If so, which appears to be the best deal?
    09-10-11 11:11 PM
  2. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    China mobile was using BES for email but i think maybe now things are changed, try to contact them and see what they offer as a solution.
    I don't know about any other services there with BIS/BES sorry.
    09-11-11 11:14 AM
  3. cgnovelo's Avatar
    Has someone used this successfully? I went to a China Mobile center with a friend but apparently they said the BIS is limited to email, I don't know if I should try it, for China it is very expensive, about 30 dlls for the basic package but it says something about 60 mb gprs, so I'm thinking it might only give email and nothing else.. Which is what I care less about, I want my apps and IM to work. Right now I have gprs but only the browser works, nothing else..

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    11-03-11 08:16 AM
  4. rassailor's Avatar
    The best option is to opt for China Unicom, i was previously using China Mobile's BIS. But that was a complete robbery....89yuan a month (BIS Lite i guess) and all i could get was email and IM, i was able to add two of gmail addresses.....Well Appworld won't connect unless it's hooked to wifi and the wap browser plus the speed is wack. it's just 30mb over EDGE.

    While China Unicom now has a full BIS for just 60 yuan a month. All you need is to purchase a Postpaid 3G card (the 66 Yuan/per month is ok if all you need is the data, i.e 300mb for the month) and a blackberry that can run on WCDMA and you are good to go. It's the best BIS solution in China currently plus it's 3G.

    Call their hotline 10010 and they will direct you to the nearest business office.

    .....will be Glad to answer any queries you have on this......
    11-06-11 04:37 AM