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    I have been a user of all networks.. Started out with Genie, moved onto T Mobile, went with O2 for a while, went with Vodafone and now im with Orange..

    Orange is the worst network i have ever used. I started out intermediate data coverage.. it would connect to the internet when it felt like, regularly giving me error messages. To connect again, i would have to do a battery pull.. I posted asking for help on another forum and someone said that I should get them to send me the service books. This solved the problem for a couple of days..

    Then i went through a phase of not getting signal at all.. and now i am back to phase one.. i am not able to connect to the internet again.

    I went with this network as they were the cheapest for the phone, but best believe, once my contract is up, im going to be leaving them for something more reliable.
    03-09-11 08:15 AM
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    Yeah, I have Orange on my backup BlackBerrry that I keep in the car. It's PAYG + their 5 quid a month BlackBerry plan. Sure it's cheap but the data coverage is nowhere near as good as my phome phone on O2.

    Ya gets what ya pays for, I guess.

    At lkeast they answer the CS phones though.
    03-09-11 09:18 AM
  3. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    Orange are having huge problems, I just moved my personal phone to them and London is a big data blackspot - I did post in another section on here about the numerous internal problems they're having, won't repeat but suffice to say, I'm on the exit now gonna port my number back to Vodafone who I work for, don't really like my work and personal phones both with Voda, but I'm really not going anywhere else.

    Either wait it out as its apparently going to get better - or - leave ! But be warned, Orange class all Data services as secondary and not a reason for early termination.

    executive.office@orange.co.uk with a detailed email might get the right response though, you never know
    03-11-11 11:29 PM
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    I personally don't like Orange because they don't give me enough data and texts on PAYG. I'm on O2 UK and they give me perfect service. Advice and customer service helped me through everything! The only good thing about Orange is their new Tiny Topups! Amazing idea - I've always wanted to top up less than 5. But yeah, on O2 UK for 15 a month you get 500 texts, BBM and unlimited internet! You also get O2 calls - you call for less or more? I don't know but you don't get charged. I just love O2 but I would love to get a better BB on PAYG for 15 in O2 UK but I don't know whether they do do one. Any ideas?

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    03-12-11 04:36 AM
  5. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    If you can manage cash back deals and are good with paying ontime, they're normally a way to bring the cost down.

    I probably do it through a big company like mobiles.co.uk as they're part of the CPW group so actually do pay.

    Anyway give them a go : Mobile Phones - Best Mobile Phone Deals on Orange, O2, T-Mobile, 3, Vodafone
    03-12-11 09:10 AM
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    If they aren't good you could try and ask for a discount (if there's an outage and affects you) as they most likely advertised coverage in your area or try and opt out the contract.

    I'd then get a couple of PAYG cards from Three, Vodafone and or T-Mobile (you might be able to sign up so that you could use T-Mobile's network as well) and try them. Alternatively you could go for a sim only plan and check them for a month.

    Anyway good luck!
    03-13-11 09:06 AM
  7. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    Orange won't release people *officially* for anything other than voice coverage, if you get that, they're sticking to their contractual obligation.

    As stated elsewhere in my ramblings the executive office have been known to waver on this, especially if you're using something like a BlackBerry.

    Finding the right person to knock off line rental charges is also possible, just don't rub them up the wrong way in the process or it won't happen

    Crisdean's PAYG sim idea is always good, with most networks in the UK giving laughably innacurate coverage maps.

    I know with Vodafone, we have many issues with 3G maps as under load you can't accurately say how far they will cover, the more people on the cell site, the more its coverage area shrinks and you can't have a live coverage map that shows the load on cell sites, would be impratical, or maybe it wouldn't now I'm saying it out loud, we have the figures internally lol. Either way, I can say on Big Red's side the coverage maps for 3G/Mobile Broadband, are always slightly optimistic and don't factor cell load in hardly at all.
    03-13-11 03:45 PM
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    I've been with Orange since my first BB and still with them onto this one. I've never had a huge amount of problems with the voice coverage, but a bit of issue with the data. But that's almost to be expected where I live. When I head into the city centre, data coverage and voice are perfect. I haven't ever tried it down south, but when I've travelled more in the north of Scotland it was fine.

    I will say, however, that their customer service is among the worst I've ever had to deal with. Really just the entire system they have set up. I can't count the number of times I've had to call because my offers have been randomly wiped or they've overcharged for something that isn't even a part of my package. But then again if they had been more on the ball about serving their customers and catching errors, I never would've got my new Torch for free.
    03-13-11 04:19 PM
  9. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    Lol ! Guess it works both ways. I work for Vodafone in somewhere in network operations, and I until recently had my personal phone with O2. Saw a pretty good deal for Orange one day walking past an Orange retail store, so I thought why not and ported over.

    I can't speak for anywhere other than London and surrounding areas, but their 3G network is close to useless and has been since I ported. No one in their data department, or any of my friends that work in their network sites are in any sort of denial about it, they all openly admit its crap. Luckily for Orange their contract only really states voice carriage as their obligation. I've *heard* from people in Orange who are currently working on these faults first hand, that its due to the iPhone phenomenon and the network merging with T-Mobile, also rather comically and unconnected, a large number of cell outages. When all of them are combined most people admit that data has almost given up in and around the London area.

    I find any of their UK call centres to be above average in solving problems which realistically shouldn't exist in the first place, the offshore ones, not so much. On a positive note, I hear you can pay for good customer service in the form of Orange Premier, or get selected due to having high bill amounts. That gave me a chuckle.

    Anyway I will be porting out of the mess that is Orange/T-Mobile quite soon hopefully, when the powers that be respond to my long rambling moan about their network. Everything Everywhere ? Nothing Nowhere more like. Thats almost a great name for a new anti-EE website lol.
    03-13-11 04:35 PM
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    I myself have had network problems with Orange recently. It's all because they are merging with T-Mobile and becoming a super network. I have rang them many times and technical support have been very helpful.

    My advice is, be patient. Things will get better with time. I know this from experience because I used to get "call failed" all the time and I couldn't make calls. It was Orange's problem. I wanted to terminate my contract. The problem has now solved though.

    There could however be a problem with your handset. Make sure you do the checks to ensure it is working properly.
    03-17-11 11:19 PM
  11. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    All I can say is fingers crossed bro, because at the moment, having a BlackBerry in central London on Orange is proving to be pointless.

    But yeah I will wait it out a bit I guess, and if you read my post above, you'd know I'm a network engineer in telecoms lol, so I know the drill, it's just a total disappointment for day to day useage, keeping the phone locked on 2G solves the issues, but this is not what I call a satisfactory solution by any means.
    03-18-11 09:21 PM
  12. joe_watts's Avatar
    Hi There,

    I don't know why there are so many problems with Orange, I am with T-Mobile, I have had no problems with connections because of the merger, still get 3Mbps in central London sometimes! I have to say T-Mobile are quite good, Orange are completely rubbish, I have signed up to roaming and only once or twice has my phone switched to orange signal.

    Orange's 3G network isn't fully HSDPA enabled, my area Orange is still just UMTS, pathetic if you ask me.......I am worried now because T-Mobile has HSDPA here, but the signal is only 3-4 bars, where as Orange UMTS is 5 bars, so when 3G is merged I might be stuck on UMTS at my house......not good!!!

    It really gets under my nose when some people say "Orange have the best coverage" THEY SERIOUSLY DONT!!! In the centre of Brighton you cant get a signal!!!!
    04-02-11 05:40 PM
  13. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    Nothing Nowhere ! :-D
    04-02-11 08:51 PM
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    I am with Orange and I think they are excellent.

    Each time I have had the need to phone their Customer Services they have been great and always sorted out my query for me. They helped to get my Orange/T-Mobile roaming problem sorted and now I switch between the two providers seamlessly - finally I can get a signal at my Parents
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    04-04-11 03:42 AM
  15. RadioCharlie's Avatar
    I've been on Orange (using a 9300) since xmas and the past 2 weeks I have noticed that the 3G coverage in Chelmsford, Essex to be quite slow. Using a speed-test site I got 0.2Mbps download and I was 100yrds from the mast! Signing-into and refreshing both the Facebook and Twitter apps can sometimes be painfully slow. No problems of course over wifi. Orange tech support via Twitter gave me a mast reference that was a "degraded" mast in my area - on further pressing they gave me the site reference (you can use OFCOM's Site Finder to gets these) but it was only a microcell and too far away for me to use.

    Regarding Orange/Blackberry in London - I have found myself at BBC TV Centre, White City a few times recently and only seem to get EDGE connectivity. Shocking! The CS bloke on 150, although helpful didn't really tell me much except to send some updates to my phone - I got a text message and was told to reboot. I asked if it was a re-push of the Service Books and he said no... Either way, it didn't help. Sister's iPhone on Orange 3G is also sluggish.

    If Orange could publish a Status/Map page of towers that are experience problems it would certainly make life easier for their customer service staff
    04-06-11 01:56 PM