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    I felt the need to start this topic due to the simple fact i have been experiencing so many problems with Orange in the past 6-8 months, and it seems to be getting worse.

    Has anyone else been having issues with regards too signal and general 3g/data/calls.

    I have been with orange several years now, and never have they been so bad - that i can remember.

    I had a Blackberry Torch with my new contract about 7 months ago, i also set up the network so its on the new orange/t-mobile (everything everywhere so they say), and everything seemed to go downhill from there.

    Calling seems to be a mission anywhere i am, meaning i am having to call out 5 or 6 times, getting call failed, before my call finally goes through. People are constantly getting my answer phone when my mobile is on, then within 2 mins i am getting the missed call alert, the 3g hardly ever works, facebook never refreshes because of poor signal, same with twitter and the internet etc. Even when my 3g is showing full, its still non existant or slow. Where i live apprantly is excellent 3g, well i always show full signal yet i can never dial out - always getting call failed, and again people always get answer phone.

    I have recently complained for the first time 2 days ago, they have replaced my phone. But i dont think this is going to solve the issue.

    I am wondering where i stand with regards to getting my contract terminated as i want to switch operators. Enough is enough basically. I have been loyal with orange for years, but most of the time now, i feel like throwing my mobile up the wall.

    Can anyone offer any advice as to whom i should contact reference the above issues and if theres any chance due to all the problems above i can terminate my contract. I have read on the Internet Orange are having serious problems lately, and to give them time, but why should i when i am paying 40-45 per month for such a pathetic level or service.

    Any Replys i would be very greatfull Thanks
    05-10-11 06:24 AM
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    I've been having same issues on BB Torch with signal constantly changing to lower case 3g to GSM to GPRS and back to higher case 3G. You can either try and resend your service books which will refresh device or carry out a Ping test but I got told by Orange to go to manage connections then mobile network options then turn your connection from Automatic to manual, this will allow your device to scan for available networks, once the scan is complete you will see a number of connections but I would advise you to pick Orange 3G and not Orange-T-Mobile 3G (please note that this may not work as I've continued to have some issues with signal but it does help) you also need to know that at certain time of the day the mobile network gets hammered by the amount of mobile users which I believe may have an effect on signal but your better of continually complaining to orange, I'm considering going over to vodaphone in August good luck

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    05-13-11 03:04 AM
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    Ps if your fed up of your service call consumer direct and ask them whether you have the right to cancel your contract with orange because your device and signal is not fit for purpose.

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    05-13-11 03:09 AM
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    I've been having the exact same problems. I'm going to try requesting a new sim card and if that doesnt work I'll demand to end my contract! It's infuriating!!
    06-10-11 08:28 AM
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    I'm experiencing the same.

    Today is particularly bad, to the point I have rebooted my phone twice.

    Can't connect to Facebook, bloomberg app not working.

    06-10-11 12:41 PM