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    I noted a day or so ago that Orange Austria no longer offers BlackBerry phones to commerical customers on their website (they just offer them to buinsess customers). With the upcoming BlackBerry 10 releases I pulsed them to see if they would be offering them. The unfortunate response I received is below (translated from German). Looks like RIM has some work to do in this part of the universe.
    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your interest.
    Currently, we unfortunately do not offer BlackBerry devices and we ask you again in some time to check with us. Thank you.
    We wish you a relaxing weekend and are available for any questions about our products and services please call us at 069970699 or write to info@orange.co.at available.
    * All specifications are subject to change. On Orange Tarife, Handys und Mobiles Internet - orange.at can the link? Conditions? the current terms and conditions and the latest fee details are taken.
    Kind regards
    Gnter Krmendi
    Orange Service Team
    01-11-13 08:31 AM
  2. magutwit's Avatar
    Huh. Just checked what's Orange Austria...if it's the third provider with 18% of market shares, it is not a catastrophy in itself. The problem is that Orange is a shareholder of Orange Austria, and Orange is like a big big telecom company with over 200 mln customers (226 says Wiki, I have no time to check). If that's their attitude to BB10, yeah, I agree, there is a problem on board.
    01-11-13 11:00 AM
  3. AtInsider's Avatar
    I would have to agree.
    I have been noticing this arrogance against RIM's Blackberry as of late, the closer we get to the BB10 launch.
    Is both Google and Apple crapping there pants because of what BB10 offers?
    01-13-13 10:11 PM

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