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    Thanks to SCrApps for the WebWorks File API Framework.

    I'm having some trouble.

    First, I see that the "toBlob" code is encapsulated at the start of the function but in a manner I'm not familiar with: it starts with


    which isn't a syntax I've ever seen so if you could help me understand how that works that would be step one :-)

    In service to the new multiple Cover sizes (on the Passport only at the moment) I'm trying to rewrite my app Cover generator code to generate .png files to save to the temp folder (using "toDataUrl" is not supported in BB WebWorks, so I have to save a .png file) but through use of toDataUrl I've confirmed that my canvas looks good and exists. Now I just need to save it as a .png

    I'm using the Simulator running OS 10.3.1

    I'm trying to use saveCanvas(), but it's not working: I've sprinkled in some console.log message "checkpoints". I'm not seeing errors in the console, and I think I've got everything right, but I don't get a file (and on the simulator it's difficult to even know if a file exists)

    Because it is a Cover graphic, I am not using the 'picker' argument.

    Here's the function call:

    saveCanvas(theActiveFramesCanvasObjectArray[theFrameName], theCoverFileFullPath);

    theActiveFramesCanvasObjectArray[theFrameName] is a canvas object

    theCoverFileFullPath is the destination path for the .png file which is based on blackberry.io.home:

    is it possibly something with the file system permissions? or is it an artifact of running on the simulator vs. a device?

    EDIT another question: is the argument that is documented as "canvas" supposed to be a "[object HTMLCanvasElement]"? That's what the object I am sending shows when display it in the console.log.
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    03-27-15 08:00 AM
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    The canvas to blob code doesn't work in some versions of bb10.3 I believe. What OS version are you using?
    04-26-15 10:31 PM

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