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    The Unexposed APIs is a collection of easy-to-implement C++ code snippets built in wrapper classes, every properties and functions are also available in QML so even a developer with almost no experience with C++ will be able to use these classes. They are mostly built around the PPS objects already available that many developers seem to be unaware of their existence or unaware of the method to read them adequately.

    You'll probably see classes that you find similar to already available Cascades objects or BPS, I decided to include them anyway because I find them easier to implement than their official alternative (ie: battery.h BPS) or my classes are available on more OS Version than their official alternative or my classes doesn't need a permission that would be needed otherwise (ie: PhoneActive).

    Most of these classes are read-only, but they will help you build context aware apps that can better adapt to your user unique profile.

    Keep in mind that PPS was never meant to be used as an official way to retrieve settings or properties, the PPS structure of an object can change without notice with any OS update. I have only tested those PPS on my own Passport, results may vary depending on the device used. I tried to stay clear of PPS that were device dependant, but never trust another developer testing.


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    You and Cobalt should play in the same sandbox.
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