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    You might have seen this forum and wondered what an OpenSourceBB Forum is doing here on CrackBerry. After all, OpenSourceBB is a seperate site, and isn't part of the Mobile Nations label.

    The Founders of OpenSourceBB recently (May/June 2013) decided to change the purpose of the site, and to renew our emphasis on assisting indie developers and providing development resources (with the occasional super cool how to). The site was never intended to be a news blog, and we're reemphasizing that point. In addition to refocusing the webpage, we're redesigning it, and reaching out to other awesome community members to get things done efficiently.

    So, rather than attempt to recreate the wheel, and add another forum to the already crowded interwebs, we reached out to James and CrackBerry; no one can seriously deny that CrackBerry is the most popular BlackBerry Forums. James and the CrackBerry Team were awesome enough to let us use this little corner of CrackBerry.

    So after that somewhat unnecessary background, this is what this Sub Forum is:
    1. This is a place for Developers, especially Indie devs, to get help with Development.
    2. It's a place to get in touch with the OSBB Team
    3. It's a place to post Open Source Resources and samples. If you post something really cool, the OSBB Team (or maybe even CrackBerry lol, but I have no control over that) might contact you and ask permission to post it on the main blog.

    What it is NOT:
    1. This subforum is not a place for devs to post app announcements; CrackBerry has better forums for that.
    2. It's not a place for self-promotion; post content, not just links. If you want to have your app features on OSBB, there's contact forms on OpenSourceBB.com.

    RULES: All the rules of CrackBerry apply. This includes politeness, non-trolling, keeping conversations relevant, etc etc. For the full list, check http://forums.mobilenations.com/rule...uidelines.html.

    On behalf of all the OSBB Team, I'd like to thank CrackBerry again for letting us use this space.

    Enough chat; post some code and have some .
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    Sounds GREAT!
    07-29-13 09:57 AM

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