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    Hello all,

    Well, I have turned for advice after rumbling with my BB 7280. I'm with Rogers, Pay As You Go, and I have that $7 monthly unlimited mobile browsing package.

    After working with the device simulator, I managed to copy a generic service book to my blackberry. I have tried every Rogers APN setting available (so far), and have tried both 3rd party browsers (Opera cannot connect, Bolt just dies with a scripting error).

    I wanted advice where to go next with my venture. I know Rogers doesn't have this phone's IMEI on file on my account. It did originate as a Rogers phone however.

    I wiped the IT Policy from the unit, so it's not being blocked. The only thing I can think of is editing the Service Books using the Magic Berry program.

    Some advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    09-25-09 01:30 AM