1. shadmid's Avatar

    I have unlocked 7290 with OS v4.0.2.56 .
    After "google"ing around it seems there shouldn't be any problem upgrading the OS as it only replaces the device firmware and it will remain unlocked. Is true? Can you recommend specific carrier?

    11-02-07 11:13 AM
  2. billwalkeremc's Avatar
    I did not upgrade the OS, but was able to install the components I needed (tasks and memopad) without relocking the unit. Don't know if that helps. I have another 7290 that messed up and its trackwheel is failing. I think I will install on it and see if it remains unlocked. When I try that I will update here.
    11-27-07 09:07 AM
  3. shadmid's Avatar
    I upgraded my unlock BB using T-Mobile version without any problem.

    The only drawback is that since I don't have BB data plan the native browser is not working but I've found a solution - I'm using Firefox browser user agent and can download OTA applications to my desktop and using the desktop manager I upload to my BB.

    Happy new year,
    12-29-07 05:01 AM
  4. keswan's Avatar
    what version of the OS are you upgrading to? because I was wondering if you can upgrade from V 4.1 to V 4.2 on the 7290?
    01-05-08 11:28 PM