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    I recently received a Blackberry 8330 (Curve, right?). I know nothing about these phones, but this one is in all right condition, and it's an upgrade from my first-gen chocolate.

    I have no plan for the phone. The plan for my chocolate is pay-as-you-go, and I only use it for texts. Here's what I intend to do with the BB, and I'd like to know if it's possible:

    Google Voice: I want to get this for the phone, but I've heard that since the 8330 doesn't have WIFI, not only can I not access the internet, I can't use google voice either...

    Email: Can I do this without a plan?

    I've searched around and can't find anything addressing this particular situation. Not only do I not have a data plan--I have no real plan at all. If this isn't enough information, let me know. I'm just wondering what I actually CAN do with this thing...
    04-14-11 04:54 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    The 8330 (and yes it's a Curve) is a CDMA only device and as you noted, it does not have WiFi.

    The device would need to be active with a phone service carrier AND have a BLACKBERRY specific Data Plan in order to use the features (internet, email) you are talking about.

    Without a data plan, you can use the phone and text and use the built in media player and PIM functions.

    With NO PLAN, you can use the built in media player and PIM functions.
    04-14-11 05:26 PM
  3. jtchand's Avatar
    What about Skype?

    Can I get a Skype plan onto the blackberry without an already existing plan?
    04-14-11 05:40 PM