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    Hope I can get some advice from the CrackBerry tribe.

    I purchased a used Rogers BB7290 from Ebay, then purchased an Ebay unlock service, but the unlock code the client software generates isn't accepted. My phone reports: "Code error;please wait..."

    Here's what I've tried so far:
    1) Contacted my provider AT&T. They claim they can not unlock a phone from another provider.
    2) Contacted Rogers the original phone provider. They claim they don't provide unlock services and pointed me at Google for an unlock service.
    3) Purchased an unlock code from NewMobileFreedom who have an Ebay store. They provide a software client called bb_unlock that interfaces to the phone through the USB cable and generates an unlock code however the phone reports the error "Code error;please wait...".
    4) Purchased another unlock code from Cheap Unlock Codes. They use the same client software and it generated the exact same code.

    I confirmed the IMEI printed under the battery and what appears upon recall (*#06#) match. So it doesn't appear the IMEI was changed.

    Any ideas what to try next?

    03-17-08 02:19 PM