1. ihatemybb's Avatar
    it wont let me text or anything. it tells me that i have no message service configured. is there anything i can do about this?
    10-05-08 09:20 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Are you accidentally composing an email instead of an sms?
    10-05-08 09:23 PM
  3. ihatemybb's Avatar
    no. i try to reply to ones that my girlfriend sends and it won't let me. there isn't even an option for reply. and it doesn't show any information like her number or the time. just the message.
    10-05-08 09:25 PM
  4. sunkast's Avatar
    Have you tried a battery pull? With your phone on, remove the battery for 30 seconds then put it back in.
    10-05-08 09:29 PM
  5. ihatemybb's Avatar
    nope. it still is acting up.
    10-05-08 09:34 PM
  6. jm2hill's Avatar
    call your sp
    ask them whats up with you not being able to sms
    10-05-08 09:42 PM