1. sunnydell's Avatar
    Using an 'old blue' rogers 7290? blackberry....today, I recieved a 144 Error - I took the battery out after the screen died, swaped it with another battery from a 7250 blackberry and it turned on and loaded up after 20 minutes with the hourglass turning clockwise. Note: I have swaped batteries when I am in rush and no problems before.

    my questions to those who are much more knowledgeable than I:

    a) how do i fix the 144 error and not lose any contacts/sms messages/logs, etc?
    b) If I purchase another 'old blue' ( i prefer the side scroll and QWERTY layout) how do i transfer my contacts and msgs and such from my old to new blackberry?

    Thanks for the help,
    02-07-08 12:04 AM
  2. Ryan Blundell's Avatar
    Hey sunnydell

    According to RIM, Error 144 occurs when the Device Software has become corrupt, and must be reinstalled.


    1) reinstall and hopefully you have previously backed up your device.

    2)If you prefer the side scroll, why not get into the 8700 instead of 'old blue'? Either way, your Desktop Manager should have the Switch Device Wizard. Just follow the instruction and you should be fine.

    If not then you can start singing Dust in the Wind

    Any questions, let me know
    02-07-08 11:53 AM
  3. sunnydell's Avatar

    I didnt back it up before, but I was able to turn on my berry, download the desktop software and create a backup. I think it downloaded a copy of my contacts, msgs, call log list - pretty much everything.

    Limited funds is a big one being a student, hence no 8700.

    I'll use the switch device wizard If not I'll be singing Dust in the Wind

    How do I transfer my contacts from BB to Outlook Express or how do I at least view my contact list which is on my desktop?

    02-08-08 11:14 AM
  4. Spazmogen's Avatar
    check your Private Messages.
    02-10-08 05:27 PM