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    Here is another prototype from the box received from MrEvets. This time it's the RIM 6710, code number R6020GW, code name BlackBerry World Band.
    The RIM Blackberry 6710 prototype - a closer look-img_20190407_1837331.jpg
    Digging trough the FCC files I found a lot of interesting information regarding the development of this device. In March 2002, the Blackberry 5810 was released. It was the very first GPRS device, with integrated phone capabilities. But even before this was released to the market, RIM was already working on the next one. The earliest document is dated 23 November 2001. It contains a diagram of the 6710 and the design of the labels to be printed for it. Also found a radio testing report completed by a company called Ultratech Labs dated 29-30 November 2001. All these tests were made on this first prototype:
    The RIM Blackberry 6710 prototype - a closer look-r6020gw.png
    There is a manual as well stating that this is a Beta unit, only working on single band 1900Mhz. Later units will work on 900/1900Mhz. The manual is dated 04 December 2001 and complied with OS version
    The first schematics applied to the FCC were on 04 January 2002.
    As was the case with the 6225 development process, the FCC was concerned about the device's high radiation levels. The 5810 was only used with headphones but the 6710 was the first device with earpiece and microphone built in, meaning it will be held to the face. The FCC made RIM state very clearly that the device should only be carried in the OEM belt holster, away from the body, and that keeping it in a 3rd party holster might expose the user to radiations over the limit. It was a matter of millimetres. RIM had to send photographs showing the the device can only be inserted into the belt clip one way, facing the user, with the antenna away from the body, keeping the radiation levels within the limit.
    The initial Grant for the device was 15 June 2002 but RIM asked for it to be pushed back to 19 July and then again to 1 August, with the 6710 finally being released in October 2002. At the same time the 6720 was released as well, this one operating on 900/1800Mhz and intended for the European market. Later on the 6750 CDMA was released for the U.S.

    Now, let's have a look at the prototype. I actually have two of them but I will be focusing on this one first. I will compare it to the official 6710 release. In the photos the prototype will always be on the left.

    The RIM Blackberry 6710 prototype - a closer look-img_20190407_1838095.jpg

    Some obvious differences from the start. No silver frame around the LCD, the case has a glossy, scratchy finish to it as opposed to the grainy finish of the official model. No BlackBerry logo, no carrier sticker at the bottom. Different cuts for the earpiece.

    The RIM Blackberry 6710 prototype - a closer look-img_20190407_1838305.jpg

    At the back of the device, a few differences. The RIM logo is on the battery door, no BlackBerry sticker. In fact, the Blackberry name does not appear anywhere on the device. The only sticker is the usual 'Property of Research In Motions'. Looks like this unit belonged to one Jeff. The battery door assembly is different. To remove it, you need to slide down the lock then slide the door to the side. A more elegant design ended up in the final release, where you push down the unlocking 'key' then slide the door to the side.

    The RIM Blackberry 6710 prototype - a closer look-img_20190407_1840067.jpg

    Under the battery just the IMEI and serial number. No production date.

    Moving on inside the device.

    The RIM Blackberry 6710 prototype - a closer look-img_20190407_1844401.jpg
    The RIM Blackberry 6710 prototype - a closer look-img_20190407_1849494.jpg
    The RIM Blackberry 6710 prototype - a closer look-img_20190407_1850154.jpg
    The RIM Blackberry 6710 prototype - a closer look-img_20190407_1848232.jpg

    There are noticeable differences in the PCB, especially in the lower left corner. As with the other prototypes that I have, the hardware is different from the official release so they are not compatible with any official OS update. Luckily no one tried to update this OS, it still runs a very early version

    The RIM Blackberry 6710 prototype - a closer look-img_20190407_1839184.jpg

    There is no Phone app installed. I have inserted a SIM card and I do get signal reception and text messages come trough. But when I call that number, I hear the ringing tone in the device I'm calling from but there is no reaction from the prototype. I can't install the phone app because the OS will be automatically updated along with it and it will brick the device, just like the other prototype I will show you below. I don't know if there is a way to extract the OS from this working prototype and inject it into the bricked one. Finding that version of OS online is impossible since it was never a public release.

    Here is the second prototype. See if you can spot the difference.

    The RIM Blackberry 6710 prototype - a closer look-img_20190407_1903088.jpg

    This one is much closer to the official release, but it has one big difference. The keyboard layout. The numbers are moved to the right side, the symbols are all placed on different keys. I've never seen this layout in any BlackBerry device. Sadly, this one is bricked, as I mentioned. Someone probably tried to update it to the official OS and that's not compatible. Now there is only the LED flashing away. No way to test the functionality of that keyboard.

    The RIM Blackberry 6710 prototype - a closer look-img_20190407_1903358.jpg

    No logo sticker at the back of the device. Under the battery the same simple sticker with the IMEI number and serial code.

    Here is a video I made about these devices, if you want to see more of them:

    Here is the FCC page of this prototype where you can find tons of information: https://fccid.io/L6AR6020GW

    Check out MrEvets's website, it is a database of every BlackBerry released: https://bbinfo.ca
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