1. Madame B's Avatar
    Trying to help a friend determine if the VM-605 can be opened at all, and if the battery can be replaced. No one left at Blackberry who even recognizes this product, as it appears to be at least seven years old. If this is a sealed unit, my friend needs to move on. Don't want to risk breaking it, however, in attempts to open the casing. Thanks!
    05-11-17 10:25 AM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    From studying product shots of the device, and photographs of the (white label) speaker at the FCC, it seems that there should be some Phillips screws on the back, underneath the pads in the corners. Whether you can find a spare battery for a speaker that old is a different story, but it seems that there's a Jabra speaker using the exact same body (from the FCC photos), you could try sourcing something in that direction.

    05-11-17 11:10 AM

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