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    I picked up a blackberry, looks like a 6720 based on a user guide I downloaded (below), from a surplus group here in the Philippines about 6 months ago and it has been working great as a phone and sms device. But as of lately it looks like the low memory manager is executing, rolliing hour glass, and running nearly all the time. All my sent messages are being deleted, etc...
    This unit was an asian model released with only 8MB and it's saying 6MB is being used in files and between 0KB and 160KB is showing free. I'm thinking that some phantom file is in it and I cant find it.
    No apps are loaded and I can't get the browser service file to stay deleted. I don't use the internet on it so I can live without the browser.
    I'm going to try reloading the OS and bugger the .cod files and se where that takes me. Still trying to figure that out. I can clear the databases but they only show about 20Kb in use and I need to clear out alot more than that.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    OS version is
    BlackBerry 6720 Wireless Handheld™ Model Number: R6020GE <-- Exact match to the model number on the tag under the battery.

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    First DM 4.3 was installed with BIS option and I got a backup and cleared some items without a fix occurring to release some memory. Actually I couldn't get my address book to load without the BB running out of memory and stopping the load to the BB. I only had 89 entries and the load always stopped at 64 entries.
    I reinstalled DM 4.3 with BES option and the BB Apps were listed this time and the advanced option let me disregard the existing apps. After this process I was left with 2.5MB out of the 8MB, Eureka! I added a couple apps from the list back in like the memo & task tools etc. and I'm at 2MB now.
    This forum has given me not only the links to get the downloads and the hope to resolve my issue.

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